Our New Album “WINTERWOOD”

At the time of launching our new album “Winterwood” (Spring 2022)  the world seems to be coming out of the worldwide pandemic from the coronavirus. We’re all aware that in these difficult times the NHS is still doing an amazing job, and a big thank you to everybody everywhere who are doing their bit to bring us back to the normal ways of life we had before.

Again we are giving the proceeds of sales of our album to our two nominated charities but now  You will also see a donation option for NHS in our shop as well. https://nightshades.co.uk/shop

It’s been difficult getting ourselves into the recording studios these past 2 years mostly due to navigating the complicated covid regulations (always changing!) But having finally done it we’re pleased with this new Album – we’ve tried to keep the recording simple so what you hear is close to what we sound like live. And we do hope that you will be sufficiently interested by the clips on this website to want to buy the album.

It may help you to part with your money to know that we are not looking to become rich as a result, or even in reality to cover our costs. We want the album to have value in other ways so we decided to give almost all of the sales income (at least 80% allowing us to cover our cost) to two charities that are close to our hearts – Macmillan Cancer Support and Greenpeace.  If you decide that the price  of our album is far too modest, we guarantee that any additional donation will go to Macmillan and Greenpeace – you will see the donation option in our shop.

Finally, we should let you know that we’re back in the recording studio recording an ‘Unplugged” Album with maybe 20+ tracks of just guitar/keyboards & some hand percussion, we’ve already had to re-record 3 of the 9 tracks recorded so far as its not quite the sound we had expected so being unplugged isn’t always simpler !

We’ll be dropping these tracks onto our website as the year rolls along so please let us know what you think 🙂

All the best from us both

Chris & Sam